Do you realize that YOU are your best tool?

You are your own best tool. 

Be sure to take care of yourself..inside and be the best YOU only you can be!!

Conceptually, tools are meant to focus and direct, whereby making tasks easier to accomplish.  This means that people, places, as well as things can be tools.  When you think something or feel an emotion, it is energy moving.  Focus the energy inward, and you affect yourself.  Focus the energy outward, you are sending energy.  Many people send energy to others without ever being aware...and it isn't always good. 

This is why you should practice centering, grounding, and shielding daily.  Centering keeps you aware of yourself.  Grounding gets rid of any energy that isn't you.  Shielding keeps other people's energy from affecting you.  These are powerful focus tools that work on your energy from the inside.

Think about it.  You are the primary tool in any magick you do.  All energy and will comes from within.  If you don't keep yourself centered and balanced, then do you really think your magick workings will prevail in a positive way?  Remember to meditate and keep in communion with yourself, first and foremost!

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