Wonderful Changes Ahead

Changes are everywhere in life.

graph-1019845_1920How we handle them and what we do with them is what makes them good or bad in our perspectives.  Mystical Willows is a new site and one wouldn’t think that change would come about so soon.  However, April came around, and like the storms she brought with her to nurture the May flowers, a whirlwind of opportunities sprang up around us.  Learning and growing as fast as we did to accept the new ventures, we lost sight of what brought us to this point…Mystical Willows…and neglected the attention it deserves.  For that, we apologize for the lack of posts and activity here.

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.
Gail Sheehy

What changes and opportunities have happened, you might ask.  Well…If you are a fan of ours over on Facebook, you probably already know…but for those who aren’t…

emporuim-header-920Mystical Willows’ Magickal Emporium launched April 22

We spent the better part of the month procuring wares and stocking the emporium.  Our new online Metaphysical & Novelty Shoppe currently has over 2,000 mystical wares and we are still adding!  We have searched high and low for a variety of wares and are confident you will find what you are in search of.  If not, please send us a note..we’d love the opportunity to scour the universe for you!  Our online shoppe is open 24/7 and currently only ships to the USA.  Need to stock up?  Then be sure to visit us during our Full Moon Sales where we dig deep for those discounts…saving you money and keeping our wares fresh!

Now that we have the shoppe to keep up with, The Mystical Willows Team sat down & decided to put a better flow to the information we share by creating themed days.

We are now back to writing Whispers in the Air, storing in the Craft Cellar, and adding to our Book of Shadows.  We have also added a special “Tarot by Fonda” day and some inspirations.  Our next post will have the theme detailed information only, so we may keep that post current.  But for a summary….

Metaphysics Monday ~ Tool Tip Tuesday ~ Workshop Wednesday

Tarot Thursday ~ Fact or Fiction Friday

Social Saturday ~ Inspirations Sunday

We look forward to seeing you around the site!

Blessed Be…In Love and Light,

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