Tree Meditation

My favorite way to cleanse and align my chakras is a simple meditation...Tree Meditation! These bring spiritual and energetic health balance as well as many physical health benefits.  If you are feeling run down, out-of-sorts, unbalanced, then take a moment to see if this method of mediation can work for you.

So first we need to know and acknowledge the chakras and the colors that associate with them. Imagine a rainbow coming up from the ground.


If you are not familiar with the Chakra, you can learn about it in our MW Book of Shadows!  Head on over...we'll wait 🙂  So now that you kind of have an idea what the bodily rainbow is, let’s talk about this "tree meditation".  

As with any meditation, this is just a guideline and not chiseled in stone.  Do what works best and feels best for you!

chakra tree

You will need some Private Time!

I prefer to do this in the shower for multiple reasons. Number one, it’s guaranteed private time for me…as long as I'm not on mom-call to breastfeed an infant or make sure my toddler has snacks ready, or diapers handy for daddy to lend that helping hand. Reason number two for the shower… similar to the salt bath. I like to finish off the meditation with an actual shower, imagining all the gunk being scrubbed off the surface and right down the drain as the water rinses it from my body. Hey, when you’re a mom of 2 under 2, multitasking is key for survival and peace of mind. Plus if you don’t, you never finish a darn thing. You will have so many half done tasks and never seem to get anything finished!

white sage

Grounding and Cleansing

I always start by grounding and cleansing myself with a little sage. You can use a sage incense cone, stick, or raw sage. Light it up and take a few minutes to let the smoke engulf the body and do a general sweep of your energy. I do this so I don’t struggle so much when connecting to mother earth and my energy flows more freely. I also take the time to study the smoke and help me get a good mental image for my visual meditation.

Meditation Time

So its shower time or private time whatever works for you. Assume a relaxed meditative position, whether it’s standing in a shower or with your legs crossed with your hands on your knees in a sitting position. The key here is to envision yourself as a TREE. Your back sits straight, tall and strong with your butt or feet planted firmly to the ground. As you become this tree, grow your roots from your bottom half deeply and firmly into the earth. Go through the grass. Feel the layers of soil and toil around any rocks you may envision. Plant your etheric body tree firmly in the ground. These roots are the base of not only your tree, but your chakra rainbow as well.

This is where the smoke visual comes in or you can picture these energies as something different, such as a water flow, if it’s easier for you. In any case, we start with red, the Root. You are the rainbow tree attached deep into mother earth strong and firm. Earth has the best natural grounding root energy ever created since time itself was invented. Envision yourself sucking in that red energy or breathing it in as you will. It travels into your body up through your roots, purging and cleansing your root chakra. Anywhere the red area of your energy body is, let it swirl around and force out anything to the surface that feels like a blockage or anything you feel or see as a black clog in your energy. Allow this to float way back to the universe or wash down the drain, if you happen to be multitasking with that shower.

Now that you have the basic concept, just continue up the body rainbow and climb that tree. When the root chakra feels clear, move on to breathing in and absorbing that orange chakra energy. Then the yellow, green, blue, indigo and finally the violet.


Once I feel I have unclogged and cleaned all my chakras, I make sure I am aligned as well. When I do this, I like to imagine a white piece of thread coming from the universe down into the back of my head, down my spine, out my tailbone, deep into the earth and then pulled so tight as to straightened everything out. I sit up as straight as possible and feel myself drawing in and centering all my energy to this cord, to help center myself.  I have found that over time this becomes easier to visualize as well as actually feeling the energies.


Now that you are balanced and aligned, time to cleanse the residue off. Envision standing under a waterfall or your roots stretched out to a peaceful brook. Allow this water to run over you, making each of your chakra colors bright and vivid…free of any residual dirty energies. You should feel renewed and ready to take on just about anything you need done…like those half-done tasks we mentioned earlier.

The full meditation is not always needed. Sometimes, we can tell when a specific chakra needs work. For me, I take a quick moment to breath in that color and mentally cleanse it to the best of my ability. Keep in mind though, chakras are like muscles, the more you work on just one, the harder and bigger it can get to care for. If you ignore one, it becomes atrophied or weak and out of use. Using a cleansing technique and balancing them all equally is key! Unbalanced chakras equal an unbalanced life in more ways than one!

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