Tree Hugging – not just for Hippies

Yes! That’s right...hugging trees..not just for Hippies anymore. When you hug a tree, you are practicing a technique in grounding, also known as earthing.  What the heck is that you wonder?  Well just like dealing with electricity, your universal energy needs a place to go to be ground out or it just continues to build up and cause problems.  Panic attacks, anxiety, restlessness, just to name a few.  So by connecting to the earth, physically-spiritually-energetically, you can ground out and cleanse your personal energy.  There are multiple ways to do this.  Some simple, Some a bit more complex...but all worth it to keep yourself and spiritual body in balance!

Tree hugging is by far my favorite and one of the most simple ways! Wrapping your arms around a nice big oak n hugging it tight as you relax and allow your energy to connect with this great big deep rooted sturdy tree .

It's like plugging in and recharging your astral batteries.

Being in and connecting with nature of any kind will have a similar effect. Walking around barefoot in the dirt or the grass…a barefoot stroll on the beach...simple pleasures that have a healing effect on the soul… literally.

Mental Grounding

Need a simple grounding exercise for clearing the mind when you can't go outside?  Live in the "concrete jungle"?  I know there are several methods available.  But let's stick with trees for a minute .. when stuck inside for any reason there are still things you can do.

Like becoming the tree

Sit down for 5 minutes alone and take a few deep breaths...clear your mind and imagine you are a tree.  Grow your roots through the ground; your legs/feet dig down deep into Mother Earth.  Allow your energies to connect and be cleansed and recharged through your roots up to the trunk that is your body and into the branches and leaves that are your arms and head.  Imagine the energies flowing through you like the blood through your veins.

Do this for a five minutes and you will be more ready to deal with the rest of your day.

Never too much Salts

Salt baths!!! Another of my favorite ways to ground cleanse n relax! Bath salts, yes, the kind that smell good, are excellent for many reasons. The aroma helps you get in to a more relaxed meditative state to allow all the gunk of the day to wash away. All your stress and build up nasty energy will be washed down the drain literally. Those made of essential oils to help achy muscles or any bodily ailment are just as good.

WITCH TIP:  any salt will do as long as it it poured and mixed into your bath with the proper intent. 

When I take a salt bath, I like to imagine I am washing away any and all negativity that had built up on me in any way. Salt baths are like taking a dip in energetic rubbing alcohol - the bath soaks all the infection out and allows you to start nice and fresh!

Rock salt is used in so many magical ways when it comes to cleansing grounding and purifying universal energy and residue. Bowls of salt placed in the center or corners of a room act as an energy filter, kinda like an air purifier.  Old bowls of salt with the intent to cleanse and purify do get energetically gunky and stop absorbing and filtering after a while and becomes just that, a bowl of pointless salt.  As long as you return the salt to the earth in some way once a week, you can help maintain positive good vibe energy in your home. By returning to earth its essentially recycling the energy as much as the actual salt. You want to sprinkle or bury it in the dirt. 

Bring Mother Earth Inside!

There are some beautiful ways you can bring Mother Earth inside!

  • A pot of soil - this can be a simple potted plant, terrarium, zen pot, etc
  • A stone garden - gather a few of your favorite stones and keep them in a decorative vase, plate, etc
  • Smells of nature - place potpourri in a decorative vase, bowl in various rooms
  • Even a bowl of rock salt helps cleanse and neutralize the energies in a room.  Add food coloring to the salt to add color for a decorative element as well as a power charge.

I'm known to carry rocks in my pockets, literally, so I can hold and fiddle with them when I'm am nervous or in stressful situations and let them absorb some of that excess negative energy.  I then return them to the dirt somewhere back to Gaia and pick up a few new ones for the emergency pocket stash.

These are just a few ways to help you commune with nature indoors.

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