Themed Days Ahead

Themes help with the flow of things...

 As we mentioned yesterday, we are excited to have the new shoppe to keep up with, so The Mystical Willows Team sat down & decided to put a better flow to the information we share on the blog by creating themed days.

Now that we are now back to writing Whispers in the Air, storing in the Craft Cellar, adding to our Book of Shadows and add in the new shoppe, we became cluttered and unfocused.  So we sat down and talked about all the things we wanted to share.  Wishing we could just hook our minds up to the site and let 'er rip, we realize that wouldn't be prudent...and definitely not possible.  We developed themed days...still sharing our whispers, crafts, and shadows..we added a special "Tarot by Fonda" day and some inspirations and curiosity posts.  

Want to know what  we will post and when?  You're in luck...

Beginning May 1

What a better way to start off a new month than being refreshed and refocused.  We look forward to continuing our journey with you!

Blessed Be...In Love & Light

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