Full Moon – March 23, 2016

On March 23, 2016, we will experience a full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse. That sounds really interesting but scientifically speaking, this eclipse is not a full eclipse but a penumbral eclipse and is most common.  

Magickally speaking, any lunar eclipse is about wholeness and completion. It’s a combination of the earth and the moon.

Did you know?

The moon and or the eclipse does not have to be seen for magic to be done or to work; however, having it as a focus can help.

In magical terms, any eclipse carries the same magickal value, no matter if it is full or partial.  

A lunar eclipse is like an entire moon cycle in the small amount of time it takes for the eclipse to happen. Most Wiccans find more magick and energy in the moon. And I personally feel much stronger magic during lunar eclipses than solar ones.

We must have a full moon to even have a lunar eclipse. Therefore, magick and properties of a full moon are appropriate for a lunar eclipse plus anything that can be done during a new moon as well.  Since it encompasses the magic of an entire lunar cycle pretty much any moon magic can be done at this time, but full moon magick will be strongest.

This lunar event additionally provides a person with the opportunity of drawing the subconscious, intuitive mind, which draws upon the Goddess as Transformer. She is the Dark Lady of the subconscious, intuitive mind, who then transforms the practitioner's innate desire/will into reality as She Herself changes into the Mother. She gives birth to your desire in a ritual or meditation. You focus on what it is you want, and as the Moon passes into darkness, envision the desire being gathered by the Crone, then passed into the arms of the Maiden as the sliver of Moon appears heralding the ending of the eclipse, and brought into manifestation by the Mother as the Moon is finally revealed.

[from The Green Witch II]

Tarot readings during a full moon have an energy ump and during a lunar eclipse, they tend to be pretty dang accurate since any full moon is great for psychic intuitive enlightenment. Plus gypsy magic says it’s a time for sidhe or fairy magic as well...It’s like a metaphysical bonus round so to speak.

Caution should be used with eclipse magick, particularly if you are a beginner for the shear fact that if you don’t know or understand energy and intent magickal work then you don’t want to make a mistake on a night so full of power. 

Magick that can be done during a full moon includes an array of things, however it is best for focusing your rituals and spells involving prophecy, protection and divination.  Anything psychic or intuitive is good to do at this time. Any spells that need the extra help such as healing, love, knowledge, money, legal, or even dream work.  

A Full Moon is also the most common time to cleanse our crystals, tarot cards and magical tools and recharge them with positive energy.  This is done simply by placing them where they will be exposed to the moonlight during the evening of the full moon.

A lunar eclipse is the perfect time for psychic work. To focus on removing blocks during the waning part of the eclipse and focus on encouraging growth during the waxing phase… or the beginning and of the eclipse.

If you are new to the craft, maybe grounding, shielding and protecting is where your focus needs to lie on this magickal night.

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