About Mystical Willows

Mystical Willows came about when a mother, daughter, and daughter-in-law decided to document and share their learning journey.  We learned that there were so many places to find information, yet nothing that was user friendly seemed to hone a little bit of everything.  We wanted a central place to find our basics and grow from there...Mystical Willows was born!  We are not a specific "religion" and do not have a specific "spiritual" following.  We are finding information down to the roots of all of those...the oldest and foundation to it all.

We do not intend to stop with a simple website.  This is only the beginning.  We currently have an emporium which sells handcrafted wares which are blessed with positive intent.  We are also working on our favorite long term goal...a natural habitat style sanctuary retreat secluded deep within mother nature!  A place to celebrate the Sabbats, hold Hand-Fasting Ceremonies, meditate, and re-align with the universal energy!

Blessing to all who have stopped by.

Photo Art of Willow by J. A. Heath

Willow Bio coming soon